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Phone:  917-837-2263



My goal is to create an incredible body of art that inspires people and myself.  I've been focusing my attention on expanding my skills and learning 3D and 2D programs and well as trying to build good foundation skill.




Proficient in:

  • Photoshop

  • After Effects

  • 3D Max

  • Softimage

  • Sony Vegas

  • Sony Acid Pro

  • Sony Sound Forge

  • Realflow


Knowledge of:

  • Mudbox

  • Maya

  • zbrush

  • Syntheyes

  • Flash

  • Illustrator

  • Indesign

  • Davinci Resolve

  • Premiere





Fall 2010 - 2015            UVPhactory                                           (3D Artist)

                             I work closely with a creative team to design and execute 3D and 2D

                             animation for branding projects.  I have done work for brands like; Versus,

                             Syfy, and VH1.  I have used Softimage as my main 3D tool and After Effects

                             as my main compositing tool.  I have also learned various plugins such as:

                             emFluid, emRPC, FumeFX, aaOcean and Gear(rigging tools).


Summer 2010               Independent Film, N.Y.F.A.           (Graphic Designer/Post Production)

                             Designed and executed titles and end credits for a short film directed by

                             Yair Shvartz.  Helped Yair with editing, sound decisions and design.  I

                             created the DVD cover for the film ("Bert's Plan") and animated the title



Summer 2010               Independent Inventor                     (3D Designer)

                             Created a highly detailed product of a table where I modeled, textured, lit

                             and rendered using Autodesk 3D Max.  This model was built from specific

                             measurements and was delivered according to specific guidelines.


Summer 2009               Searight Studios, New York          (Summer Intern)

                             Developed 3D models of cars for a small animation and effects company.

                             The cars were used for a military project for the U.S. Government.

                             Extensively used Autodesk Softimage and worked within a production

                             pipeline under specified deadlines and requirements.  Reported directly to

                             Tony Johnson, Director of Searight Studios.


2007 – 2009                 FIT Tutoring Program                          (Tutor)

                             Assisted students in Computer Animation and Interactive Media using

                             Autodesk 3D Max, Adobe After Effects and Photoshop .  Helped advise

                             them towards their final projects and taught them proper workflow in a

                             production pipeline.




2005 – 2010                 Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT, New York City)

                             Computer Animation and Interactive Media Degree (BFA cum laude)

                             Fine Arts Associate Degree  (AAS cum laude)

                             GPA - 3.64 / 4.00



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